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EA Sports UFC Gets Second Free Content Update

EA Sports is back at it with another free content update to EA Sports UFC. This content update adds two new welterweights and one heavyweight brawler into the already packed UFC roster. These 3 new fighters are Matt Brown, Mike Pyle and Stipe Miocic. Before to hit the jump for even more details. Read More

EA Sports UFC Gets Patch And DLC

EA has dumped a massive patch full of bug fixes and guess what else... Free DLC. That's right free content for those of us who have been put to the test by some of the horrible bugs a mechanics in the game. One thing that is really nice is the addition to now touch gloves in the game and to also continue to beat on your opponent after they are already down. Read More

Extreme Tactics - Learning Your Fighter

Today we will cover how you can make your fighter as lethal as possible. The trick really isn't in knowing any secret moves but instead knowing your fighters strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes the battle is decided before you ever step foot in the octagon and the staff at first2three is here to help you out. Read More

EA Sports UFC Review

Join us in our review of EA Sports UFC. In this review we will cover the game and its mechanics. This may not be the review you were wishing for but it's the most honest one you will find. There may have been a really good reason that EA decided to release the game during E3 when coverage would be focused on so many other games. Go ahead and hit the link to read more. Read More

Watch Our Live EA Sports UFC Stream Tonight

We will be going over all of the basics and exploring the different fighters to see where their skills vary. The section will end with a 1 hour online event where we will square off with real opponents over the PSN to test our skills. View the stream at http://first2three.com/52/stream/

How To Posture Up In EA Sports UFC

I've been seeing this question being asked a ton already so I went ahead and put a quick video together of how it's done. Hit the link to view the video. Read More