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Titanfall: Expedition Releases May 15th With New Update

May 15th the first Titanfall map pack drops. The DLC consists of three maps--War Games, Swampland, and Runoff--and will be available for $10, or as one of three parts of the $25 season pass. Since Im such a nice guy a very nice trailer for your viewing pleasure is available on this article. Read More


The NPD numbers for Titanfall have been recently released but are they good or bad? Honestly I think the numbers can be taken a number of different ways. While Titanfall is a great game, has it met the expectations of both Microsoft and EA? Is it the COD killer most believed it would be? Let's talk about it.

Titanfall Ascension: Pilot Loadouts

A loadout should be tailored to your unique playstyle(1st) and whatever role your playing for your team(2nd). Be it offense, defense, or slaying (all purpose) the ability to adapt to the circumstance of the match is what wins the battle. There is another layer to Titanfalls gameplay that is added when burn cards are thrown into the mix. Read More

Titanfall Your Patch Is Ready

Respawn has released a new patch today to address a number of issues and add a ton of features for Titanfall. The most requested feature being private matches. Modifications to the Titans Quad Rockets damage against Titan Shield and a number of bug fixes have also been rolled into this patch.

TitanFall: Ascension

Titanfall has been out for almost 3 weeks and the net is flooded with ideas of what the best loads outs are for pilots and Titans. Aside from the perspectives that I'll note later on; the tips and tactics I've seen on a lot of the major sites have a small concept of the current state of Titanfall''s meta game, but seem so off the mark. Read More

Call of Duty is killing itself as a series

GO HOME Call of Duty, you're drunk! Some may say that the mega hit FPS is drunk on it's own success. I disagree. My belief that publisher Activision is a bit drunk on power and as such is killing interest in not only the Call of Duty franchise but FPS's as a whole. Read More

How Titanfall Sold Me on Next Gen - Hands on Impression

I recently had the honor of playing the TitanFall Beta thanks to XBL gamer Solvedtipy. If I had to describe it with one word it would be EPIC!! TitanFall's gameplay is a blend of Call of Duty shooting, Ninja Gaiden like movement, Armored Core mechs, and Gears of War tactics. Read More

Titanfall beta signups start now

There is good news for those looking to get their hands on Respawn's first title Titanfall. Right now you can head on over to the Titanfall site and sign up for either the PC or Xbox One Beta. Please note that everyone signing up for the beta won't get in. Just because you may not get it doesn't mean you shouldn't try. Read More

My Expectations for Titan Fall

Titan Fall is a FPS (first person shooter) that is centered around multiplayer. Instead of having a traditional single player campaign Titan Fall features an multiplayer campaign which places players into a immersive world where Titan Fall's story unfolds. Developer RESPAWN has taken a very interesting approach in creating this game. Read More