EVO 2016 Review
SFV Story Mode Release Date
Final Round 19 KOs Attendees
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EVO 2016 Review

EVO 2016 has officially come and gone. The Evolution 2016 tournament took place in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Las Vegas Convention Center and the Mandalay Event Center. This tournament was no doubt the biggest in the long line of EVO’s history. It was ran incredibly smooth with judges sometimes allowing casual matches before the next set of pools began. Read More

SFV Story Mode Release Date

After an epic comeback by Tokido's Ryu in Grand Finals versus Infiltration's Nash, Capcom gave the community a release date for Street Fighters next update. Read More

Street Fighter V CG Trailer

The full length CG trailer for Street Fighter V is final here. Hit the link to check it out.

Street Fighter V: Vega Reveal Trailer

The newest member to the Street Fighter V roster was reveal today and to my surprise it was Vega. I think Capcom found a real niche with Vega in SF4 so I'm glad to see him return in SFV. His gameplay looks very interesting but check it out for yourself below.

Charlie Makes His Return

Guile's BFF Charlie makes his return to the Street Fighter arena. Charlie who can be best looked at as the Ken to Guile's Ryu has been officially announced and revealed. With a few new moves it seems apparent that Guile and Charlie will have a greater difference in playstyles than ever before. Read More

Final Round 18 Approaches

Last year brought in players from around the world. That prestigious list included Justin Wong, Filipino Champ, Infiltration, Chris G, PR Rog, JDCR, Ryan Hart and Flocker are just the tip of the iceberg.The tournament will take place March 20 - 22 at the Hilton Atlanta Airport located at 1031 Virginia Avenue Atlanta, GA 30354 US.

Get Your Lazy Ass In The Gym

At Final Round 17 I had a moment to sit down with Ricky Ortiz a well-known Street Fighter and Marvel vs Capcom player. Ricky's opinions and views on health had me questioning some of my own personal life habits. Join us as we discuss health from the perspective of a top professional gamer.

Final Round 17, Gone But Not Forgotten

Final Round 17 has come and gone but we got a ton of action. From huge upsets, the announcement of Decapre, to allegations of cheating. FR17 was packed and we were there. Join us as we go over the experience and recap a ton of things you would never have seen on stream.

Ultra Street Fighter IV Adds Decapre To The Roster

It's been a long time but Capcom has finally announced the last additional character for Ultra Street Fighter IV. That character is Decapre. Decapre is one of Dictators(M. Bison) dolls. The mask on her face hides a hideous burn. Her hair and animations may also seem a bit familiar to people who have played the Street Fighter games before. Read More

Ultra Street Fighter IV's Newest Feature in Competitive Play

Earlier this week Capcom released a new Ultra Street Fighter IV trailer showcasing the games newest feature. The option to pick the different version of the characters that have been in the previous installments of the Street Fighter IV series is yet another reason to buy this title. Read More