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EVO 2016 Review

EVO 2016 has officially come and gone. The Evolution 2016 tournament took place in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Las Vegas Convention Center and the Mandalay Event Center. This tournament was no doubt the biggest in the long line of EVO’s history. It was ran incredibly smooth with judges sometimes allowing casual matches before the next set of pools began. Read More

Why KaneBlueRiver's defeat of Justin Wong is my favorite Evo moment

Hold on, your favorite memory is of Justin Wong losing? He's the peoples champ. Let me start off by saying I have no issue with Justin Wong whatsoever. His accolades for several years have earned him the title of greatest fighting game player ever. I'm sorry but the man is the best and you can disagree with that if you want. Read More

How Guilty Gear Made Me A Better Competitor

When training for esports or any form of competition it is believed that the best way to do it is dedicating time into that one area. If you want to be good at football you simply keep playing football. If you want to sing you train your vocal cords by singing. This way of training has been the status quo for a very long time. Read More

Final Round 18 Approaches

Last year brought in players from around the world. That prestigious list included Justin Wong, Filipino Champ, Infiltration, Chris G, PR Rog, JDCR, Ryan Hart and Flocker are just the tip of the iceberg.The tournament will take place March 20 - 22 at the Hilton Atlanta Airport located at 1031 Virginia Avenue Atlanta, GA 30354 US.

Extreme Tactics - Wesker's Teleport

We talked about it in one of our first ever articles on the site but we never backed it up with facts. So without further ado let's talk about my original MvC3 character Wesker. As you know by now Wesker has a teleport that is distance based and does not track the opponent. Read More

Get Your Lazy Ass In The Gym

At Final Round 17 I had a moment to sit down with Ricky Ortiz a well-known Street Fighter and Marvel vs Capcom player. Ricky's opinions and views on health had me questioning some of my own personal life habits. Join us as we discuss health from the perspective of a top professional gamer.

Final Round 17, Gone But Not Forgotten

Final Round 17 has come and gone but we got a ton of action. From huge upsets, the announcement of Decapre, to allegations of cheating. FR17 was packed and we were there. Join us as we go over the experience and recap a ton of things you would never have seen on stream.

Socal Regionals are happening now

The Socal Regionals are happening right now with players like Justin Wong, Gamer Bee, Floe, Filipino Champ in attendance. You can watch the live event right now over on our streaming page.

Team Norcal has been announced

Team Norcal has been selected and is ready for the Socal regionals. This weekend the FGTV guys held a round robin to select 2 more member for their team. See the full team roster after the jump.

Sigh... Looks like Spiderman has an infinite

Well my days in Marvel vs. Capcom maybe numbered. If there was ever a character I hated fighting it's Spiderman and guess what? He has an infinite (like you didn't get that from the title). Oh well it's been fun. You can check out the outrageously simple combo inside.