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New LOL champion revealed

Riot Games has officially announced their newest champion. Meet Vel’Koz, the Eye of the Void. Vel'Koz is a mid lane champion based around power. You can read the official statement over at na.leadueoflegends. Here is a quick run down of his abilities.

LOL NA Collegiate Championships

Riot Games is hosting a $100,000 tournament to find the best collegiate League of Legends team in the world. Over the next two weeks, 128 of the best CSL universities will go head to head in regional tournaments to determine which four teams advance to the next stage of the Riot Collegiate Championship. Read More

League of Legends NA LCS can now be viewed live

Riot Games has announced that the North America League Championship Series will now be able to include a live audience, meaning you. If you are in California you should drop in and check it out. Tickets will be $15 with parking running you $12 at a discounted rate. The first live match will take place January 17, 2014 @ 12pm PST.