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DriveClub Now Out In North America

After several delays, employee departures from the studio and one of the biggest framerate debates of a next-gen game, we finally have the official release of #DriveClub. Read More

DriveClub gets offical release date

After several delays and even more rumors, Driveclub finally has a release date in sight. The Evolution Studios racer blamed the delays on trying to integrate social media in a way that has never been done before.

Sony Cuts Jobs Throughout UK Studios

Sony has released workers at some of it's various European studios. These studios include Evolution Studios, Guerrilla Cambridge and SCE London Studio. Evolution Studios is the team behind the much anticipated ps4 racer Driveclub. Sony noted that these changes will not have an effect on the Driveclub project.

Driveclub gets Amazon release date

Amazon has updated their Driveclub product page to having a release date of April 1st. No this isn't some April's fools joke, at least on our end. Could the Evolution Studios racer finally be gearing up to go gold?

Drive Club shows brief signs of life

Drive Club isn't dead. YAY! It may not be coming out in the next month or 2 but it does appear to still be in development and making progress. The Evolution Studios racer was supposed to be a launch title for the PS4 but missed it's November 15th release date due to issues stemming from some of the games social integration.