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Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate Tier List ver 1.04

A few weeks ago I promised a tier list for Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate that was delayed by the version 1.04 patch which I've taken into consideration for the tier list I'm presenting to you at this time. Read More

DOA5U gets a new patch. Version 1.04

Team Ninja has just released a new patch for DOA5U along with new Tropical costumes. Below is a list of bug fixes. There are a ton more changes that include characters moves and overall improvements as well.

Extreme Tactics - Dead or Alive Mastery

Mastery is something one never stops pursuing. It exists in a constant state of flux and is based on your own life style. Today I'm going to share with you my process of playing Dead or Alive. I'm currently ranked 108 on the worldwide leaderboard in survival mode solo match (legend difficulty) on xbl in Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate tier list - Preview

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate tier list preview which list a few possible tiers of character and will be touch on in greater detail in the following weeks.

Buying fighting games

Are fighrting games attempting to destroy themselves as they did once ago with over saturation of the market? Sho 6 0 discusses his displeasure with the current business model that fighting games appear to currently be built on.