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Call of Duty Championship: Results

The 2014 Call of Duty Championship was an amazing event that highlights the slow but steady growth of eSport. Here are the results for top 8 and the prize payouts as well as a brief video recap.

Call of Duty is killing itself as a series

GO HOME Call of Duty, you're drunk! Some may say that the mega hit FPS is drunk on it's own success. I disagree. My belief that publisher Activision is a bit drunk on power and as such is killing interest in not only the Call of Duty franchise but FPS's as a whole. Read More

Video Recap

This week in our video recap we're highlighting MLG's esports report and their top 5 plays of last week in esports. Wednesday Night Fights Street Fighter 4 A.E. top 3 1.3, The Run Back UMVC3 top 3 1.1, Killer Instinct APEX Grand Finals, and the number 1 play in the past week in esport Justin Wong I. UMVC3 APEX Grand Finals.

Pro XP - Playing with their emotions

Today I wanted to talk about a tactic that is used so much in online gaming that people forget that it has a strategic place. That tactic comes in various forms such as taunting, teabagging and the internets favorite word TROLLING. Trolling is a very valuable tool that a lot of players do without even knowing that their doing it. Read More