Madden Tournament Scores The Extra Point

Madden Tournament Scores The Extra Point

Written by: Ink Slinger on March 02, 2014.
On February 21, 2014 the AtlGamerSociety hosted one of the largest Madden NFL 25 tournaments in the southeast which featured a 64 man bracket and a 3,000 dollar cash prize for 1st place. The event took place at E-Motions Game Room and players from all over the US showed up to represent their respective scenes.

These guys were series and they will call you out for breaking the laws of the land. The rules of engagement follow below:
  • Both players are responsible for checking game settings and sliders before each game. be made within the first possession of the game.
  • 5 minute total time limit per player for depth chart and custom offensive/defensive audibles
  • 4 minute quarters, 5 minutes in the championship, Accelerated Clock Off
  • All Madden
  • Home field advantage to lower ranked team (qualifiers, rebuys) or to higher seeded player (wildcards,playoffs)
  • QB wrap or QB draw glitch plays are banned
  • No defending kicks, no fake kicks, on-side kicks allowed only if losing in the 4th quarter
  • Lineman glitch: If a lineman gets stuck getting in formation, pause the game, the other player will go off sides to stop the clock, and the penalty will be declined
  • Use real coin for coin flips
  • Love for either the San Fransisco 49ers or the Seattle Seahawks
  • A few hundred dollars in pocket. If you are not sure enough about your skills to bet a quick 50-100 bucks then you may want to stay home.
  • A tough chin. These guys do not pull any punches and they have no problem calling you out and making sure that everybody knows it.

The tournament was run smoother then any tournament I have ever seen for any genre. Stations seemed to have an average down time of about 2 minutes with about 10 stations running all day. The only noticeable hiccups were players using wireless controllers that sometimes would pause the game in the middle of the game. This is a big no no and hopefully a problem that will be resolved moving forward by banning wireless controllers. This really isn't something that you want to see happen at any tournament but it is the only way to make sure games are not being ruined because somebody forgot to turn of their pad. What really set the tournament apart aside from the players was the fact that everything was on hand and ready to go. Two security guards were on site to make sure everything was friendly. Extra controllers and converters were also provided. Live stream, live brackets and food round off the compliments. It was pretty obvious that the guys at ATLGAMERSOCIETY really wanted to stand out as an elite tournament organizer.

A ton of big names were in attendance. The likes of Lil Man, Serious Moe, TRUTH.

The finals came down to Serious Moe and IIM Blue who was able to take it to the previous champ 31-7. Serious Moe actually never even finished the game and threw in the towel as it was obvious that the 49ers had his number. You can watch the final match below.

Watch live video from atlgamersociety on TwitchTV
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