How Titanfall Sold Me on Next Gen - Hands on Impression

How Titanfall Sold Me on Next Gen - Hands on Impression

Written by: SHO 6 0 on February 20, 2014.
I recently had the honor of playing the TitanFall Beta thanks to XBL gamer SolvedTippy. If I had to describe it with one word it would be EPIC!! TitanFall's gameplay is a blend of Call of Duty shooting, Ninja Gaiden like movement, Armored Core mechs, and Gears of War tactics. Wrapping your mind around the games controls while remaining aware of the tools at your disposal can be rather jarring at first but after just a few hours of playing I find myself rodeoing enemy Titans with ease.

My first hour with the game was spent in attrition. TitanFalls version of team death match. Aside from the occasional guy out of nowhere shooting me with the smart pistol, the gameplay felt amazingly balanced and polished which should not come as much of a surprise since we're less than a month from release. From attrition I jumped to hardpoint ( A King of the Hill variant) which I thought was the best game type in the beta because it's objective based gameplay would allow for more tactical and strategic matches. The pilot vs pilot, pilot vs Titan, and Titan vs Titan, plus objective dynamic is something to marvel at. Once I had my Titan I would secure a point and then place my Titan on guard mode to defend the point from any enemy pilots or Titans while I did the same on foot with the packet sniffer burn card (when I had one anyway) which periodically sent radar burst allow me to sometimes briefly see threw walls. Hard point was my personal favorite game type until I play last Titan standing. In this game mode you start every round with your Titan in all out war against opposing team. The Titan vs Titan, pilot vs Titan centered gameplay put me in the mind frame of Gears of War as my teammates and I took up positions on the map and focus our attack on one Titan at a time, or bating enemy Titan's to pursue me around building ing ambush of my teammates.

TitanFall may look like Call of Duty, feel like Call of Duty, or sometimes even play like Call of Duty, but THIS IS NOT CALL OF DUTY. This is something that has never been done before in the FPS genre. Watching videos and reading articles don't do this game justice. TitanFall is the first game that is actually worth the price of tag of a next gen console.

Below you'll find a video describing the use of burn cards and a example of how this game should be played from AmazYn MLG's YouTube channel. 3/11/14 "Stand by for TitanFall."

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