Infinite Crisis - Getting started

Infinite Crisis - Getting started

Written by: SolvedTippy on February 05, 2014.
I love a good MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). I've played them on many platforms from PC to mobile. Some are good , some great! and some may cause cancer. Infinite Crisis is the latest entry to the MOBA scene and the developer Turbine has pull no punches in this DC Comics multiverse game. The characters are well voiced and the intros are elaborate. Although the game is in Beta, it feels very polished already. I've spent the last week picking it apart and come to offer a few tips to get you started on the road to entering the tournaments.

Learning the Basics
If you are new to MOBAs or perhaps you've not played in forever. Getting to know Infinite Crisis basics is actually pretty simple. All you have to do is watch the three training videos provided at the first start of the game. I currently play League of Legends (LoL) and Dota 2 and I tell ya, there's has never been an easier time figuring out what character does what and what items are good items for X character. All you have to do is watch each characters profile video that explains the abilities and the moves sets and the pros and cons of the character. The video is not an exhaustive list but it serves to help you make an informed choice on what your role will be and what you may like to play as in general. As most MOBAs go. Many of the characters can be played any way you choose with the right skill and item set. Characters range from satisfyingly complicated (Shazaam ). To ridiculously simple (Green Lantern) Shazaam Is required to switch between two stances to gain a constant supply of mana from either attack OR being attacked. Knowing when to switch allows you to keep up his Lightning ring permanently or at least when in a battle situation. Green Lantern on the other hand only requires stacks upon stacks of ability power and he will gank like a pro. This only requires you to put on a few Ability power defenses and negates him in an instant. Shazaam, while a little more complicated. has more versatility and is harder to counter.

Team up and Communicate?
I said "Team up and Communicate ! "in a match once and this is what my team mate responded with........ We lost the match By the way. YES!!! Team up and communicate! in Infinite crisis you are basically playing a capture and hold point kind of game. There several points and after holding a point for a set amount of time. The enemy team loses power from their core. Hold all the points and they will bleed! A good team pairs up and assaults as a group. Every game I've lost thus far. Happens when I'm holding down a point or picking off one of the enemy points and my partner is gone yet I find myself battling it out with two champions. Shazaam just isn't THAT strong. So , Team up, Pick a point to take over or hold down. Move together and look for the stragglers that aren't smart enough to team up. There's some in every game. Gank Em! SO to be clear! If you are roaming with me and ,I don't know, Some butterflies catch your attention. Let me know you are headed in another direction so I don't initiate a 2 v 1 while I'm thinking it's a 2 v 2.

Catastrophic Events! Keep in mind my last tip because it will be key in holding down whatever the activator for your catastrophic event (CE) is. Periodically there will be an opportunity for your team to receive back up creeps that are a little strong and have more life than your regular creeps. These new creeps can capture about 75% of a point for you , but require a champion to completely capture the point. These strategic points can turn a losing game around with a little team work and communication. My personal strategy is to leave 2 champions in the strategic point while capturing it the rest hide in the stealth fields and gank the enemy team support / marksman/ assassins hanging out in the back. By the time they realize what's happening. The whole teams a few clicks away from seeing their death screens.

Feel free to try out the new side powers. There many new additions than the standard MOBA norms AND in Infinite Crisis they change depending on the character. Since much of this is still very new. You never know when you may discover the next best combo. The Only down side I can see as of now is that the item sets creator is not up yet. It makes it hard to plan and lay out a good set list for the actual game without being in the game! So experiment and play around with a little trial and error. Now is the best time for it anyway. Check in regularly on First2three for more tips and strategies.

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