Final Round 19 KOs Attendees

Final Round 19 KOs Attendees

Written by: King DX on April 24, 2016.
Final Round 19 has come and gone and man did it drag on.

This was by far the worst major FGC tournament I have ever attended. Even the sting of EVO’s 2014 rule change mid tournament wasn’t as painful as participating in FR19.

"This was my first Final Round and my last Final Round."
Normally I try to focus on my experience at the tournament but… FUCK THAT! We are just going to get into why FR19 was just a flat out bad experience.

As always when I have a bad taste in my mouth about a subject it takes me a very long time to write on it because I want to be able to calmly write about it. As you can see this one took over a month to get up and its because every time I thought about it I would get upset. Simply put this event was so bad that I would tell the FGC to not attend the next FR until things have been changed.

For starters, please note that Larry “Shin Blanka” Dixon has stated that he knows the tournament was poor. He also appeared on "The On Blast Show" to talk about what went wrong and mentioned that things would improve but did not offer a clear indication of how. You can watch the video below to hear his say on the event.

So what went wrong? Hold on tight because I could write a thesis on that. What we will do is talk about the problems and what must be done to correct the issues. One issue is bad but compiling issues only make more issues spring up. Let’s start with the worst of the offenders and go from there.

1. Pools/Scheduling - Maybe I’m crazy but this seem like the first thing you should figure out in a tournament. Seriously. NO, FUCKING SERIOUSLY! This type of shit is unacceptable. I thought FR18 was bad but boy did FR19 find a way to outdo itself. I talked to guys who had their USFIV pools delayed by... 4 hours. 4 fucking hours. So helped me god I would have gotten my money back because that is utter bullshit. Pools went up late Friday, were pulled down and then went back up sometime Saturday morning around 1 - 2 am EST. The problem here is that some pools started at 8am. So if I went to bed at 12 and woke up at 8 now I may be at risk of being DQ'd because I just found out I needed to be in the venue. The site was just as bad, as looking up pools sent you to Facebook which then sent you to Why on earth does your official site take me to Facebook to figure out the pools? I said it last year and I will say it again. Emergency registration needs to be removed. They can barely manage the people who register on time so why the hell would they think they can accommodate so many late entries. Seriously this is a simple fix. Do your brackets early. If you are still hung up on doing late registration then you should only allow up to a certain number. So maybe one or two new pools are formed but not 10 pools that is ludicrous. Also the scheduling was so bad that many players were disqualified because they were on the other side of the venue waiting for their pool that was running 2 hours late.

The Good, The Bad and Final Round 18

Wait! That shit happened awhile ago. Yeah it did. So why are we talking about it now? The simple answer is that several things happened at FR18 that made me so upset I was worried about a bias in my recap of the events. I decided I would need a fair amount of time to go over my photos, videos and notes trying to remove the frustration I was feeling in the moment. It was my attention by waiting before writing this article that I showed you what it was like to be at the event without seeming like I just wanted to flame the whole thing.

2. Spacing - As any FGC person will tell you, spacing is very important. After listening to Shin Blanka's comments about the venue being too small, I have to say I disagree. The problem with the venue was that there were way too many spectators and "coaches" present while games were going on. The physical spacing at the pools was so bad that people could not get to their screen in order to play because the chairs were so close to each other. Meaning that you either be rude and push peoples chairs out of the way while they are playing (which people did) or you wait and thus inflate how much time is happening between matches and just like a crowded expressway, one person braking can be felt for miles by others.

3. Arrogance - I don't know Shin Blanka personally but I can not say that this was some unforeseen event. I saw it last year and the article I wrote on it proved it then. FR is not too big but it is poorly managed. I do not say this as an attack on anybody but only somebody who did not notice their short coming from FR18 would have thought that magically FR19 would be better. The backlash from FR19 isn't happening just because it was bad. No. It is happening because FR18 and FR17 weren't that great either. This was building for sometime and the writing on the wall was clear to most of us.

4. Badges - Shin said that participants were losing their badges and needed to pay for new ones because he does not have an endless supply. This is one of those comments that makes me think that arrogance plays a factor in the event. As someone who has every badge for all of the events I have attended and the "I'm over 21" wristband from FR18, let me tell you that people were not simply "losing" their badges. The badges were paper thin and simply fell the hell off. I did not lose mine but it fell off enough times that I had to put it in my pocket.

5. Staff - I know some of the people who volunteered and they tried their best but the staff just isn't cutting it. Refs who have stations open for 5-7 mins before the next match goes up. People who say "(Gamertag Here) this is my last call for you before you get a DQ." about 10 times before they actually DQ the guy. I will admit at this tournament perhaps that was needed because the refs understood everything was behind but still there comes a point that when the shit hits the fan you gotta clean it up. You can't just sling more shit at it. Once the pools got messed up then the refs should have gotten strict and got things back on track. Yes some people would have been pissed and demanded their money back and Final Round should have refunded those people and saved the others experience. The way things were run everyone had a bad time.

So uhh... DX. How did the tournament go for you? Well I got wrecked flat out. First match was against Flux which I didn't get destroyed but I did lose and next was against a decent (read as below average) Cammy player. To be fair I wasnt expecting to go far. There are some underlining things about SFV that I did not understand until going to FR and I get those things now. I'm currently working through the Gold rank of SFV and have been having a lot more success in local tournaments so I'm not worried about being where I need to be by the time EVO comes around. With that said that pretty much sums up FR19 in a nut shell.

Will I be at FR20? Perhaps but for now I want to focus on training. All jokes aside I do believe Shin want to make FR20 a success but I hope he and staff understand that a new venue will not solve the real issues. There was a quote from a guy sitting next to me that I just had to write down the moment he said it. "This was my first Final Round and my last Final Round." Not sure if this will be my last Final Round but trust me when I say that I understood his pain.

In case you missed it we put up some VR videos from Final Round 19. Check them out below on your mobile device or tablet. Google cardboard recommended.

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