Hyperbolic Time Chamber Vol.1 Smash Bros

Hyperbolic Time Chamber Vol.1 Smash Bros

Written by: SHO 6 0 on March 15, 2016.
Evo 2016 is right around the corner and for some the idea of competing is ludicrous. There isn't enough time to prepare. You'll never reach the level of the players in the majors in such a short period and for a lot people this is very true but for those of us dare to be great where there's a will there's way.

Any fan of Dragon Ball Z(or Super) knows that the Hyperbolic Time Chamber was often used to allow the Z fighters to increase the levels of their abilities in short amounts of time. This concept can be applied to various games but I think its most effective when it comes to fighting games especially Smash Bros.

In order to start this process one simply has to fight the computer on its lowest difficulty setting and gangly increase it as your confidence builds. Once you've reached level 9 add another cpu opponent and put them on the same team as the first. Continue to increase the difficulty as you did before. This will sharpen your reflexes and speed up your response time but the real benefits are two fold. The first of which is that you'll become used to fighting two opponent's at once. The second and most important is own self evaluations. While facing two opponent s at once you wont be able to help but notice what works and what does work from your own play style as well the pros and cons of your character of choice.

The next step involves researching the current meta game and high level tech which can easily be found on Youtube. Once you've wrapped head around a few techniques that can improve your skills plug them into the system stated above and your proficiency will grow twice as fast which will make you very formidable.

You could increase the level of intensity by training against 3, 4, and even 8 foes at once granted this will help you improve even farther but only permit you to develop to a certain point. The cpu has several advantages that us humans don’t like not having to input commands, reading your inputs, and instant access to frame data, but lacks the ability to adapt and think freely. Its time to test your mantle.

There's no better training than live combat. Playing online and attending local tournaments is the absolute best place to continue your training after you’ve built yourself up. Just constantly reevaluate your performance after each win or lost like before and in no time you'll have a strategy guide of your own to refer based off your previous battles.

Vol.2 will focus Street Fighter V and my own battles leading up to Final Round 19 and beyond. Stay tuned the best is yet to come.
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