Things I Need to See inDareDevil Season 2

Things I Need to See inDareDevil Season 2

Written by: Divine JayBee on February 21, 2016.
The top things I need to see in the next season of daredevil are as follows

Daredevil pushed his radar sense pretty well in the first season, however it is considered to be 360 vision even allow him to see through disguises. I really want to see more implementation of his amazing powers. Stan Lee has stated that Daredevils radar sense is better than Spider-Man Spider Sense.

Daredevil is a hoe. We really need to see him as a womanizer how cool is a blind Casanova. Although Daredevil had a relationship with Karen this secretary in the comics they really need to sidestep it. As much as I cosign on him being a womanizer it’ll only hurt the friendship. I’m hoping that the writers are able to make him a ladies man without having him destroy the friendship. Hey, if done correctly with perfect writing what’s life without a little conflict. DD has a list of women (more than Elektra) that I can’t wait to see worked into the marvel world Heather Glenn, Black Widow, Milla Donovan, Maya Lopez just to name a few.

Daredevil in the comics is one of the greatest hand-to-hand practitioners on the planet, making him on par with Captain America, Wolverine and Iron fist. Wolverine once broken his house with a clan of ninjas while daredevil was asleep. In the end he put a blade through Wolverine’s chest. His skill with this is well displayed in the first season and all I can say is give me some more.

Give me a finale worth watching. While I did want to see how the Kingpin ended up, with such a good storyline the ending was weak. The Kingpin facing off against the Daredevil in an alley was a waste of time. He’s already defeated a Ninja, and a professional hitman, what was a single man going to do, plus DD had his Billy clubs.
Daredevil and Punisher have a complicated relationship. Much like the relationship of Wolverine and Cyclops (only really showed in X Men 1) its best described as a love hate relationship. Both characters have a varying degree of respect for one another but don’t respect the methods that person uses.

One is more of the pure hearted hero while the other is the antihero. In one issue Punisher needed to kill a crime Lord who happened to be in hells kitchen. Daredevil intervened but the Punisher was waiting on him. In the end he tied up DD and put a revolver in his hand. It had one shot. Daredevil would have to make the decision is he willing to kill a good man doing bad things to save a drug lords life or is he going to lose his morals Daredevil refused and tried to reason with the Punisher. In the end Daredevil took the shot, the revolver was completely empty. Enraged the Punisher popped him with the butt of his rifle then killed the crime lord. Don’t feel bad for DD he completely floored the Punisher in hand-to-hand earlier. Like I said complicated....
Lastly although it’s totally recent it’s one of their DD’s coolest quote unquote powers currently daredevil is literally the man without fear he technically has no fears. Marvel has stated point blank; Daredevil currently shows a detached ability of fear and emotions bordering on sociopathic. Its really great to see how marvel works with such a cool ability, with a such awesome character. Marvel is doing a excellent job with DD and will no doubt continue.

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