Cloud: Super Smash Bros. Wii U Impression Breakdown

Cloud: Super Smash Bros. Wii U Impression Breakdown

Written by: SHO 6 0 on December 15, 2015.
Today Cloud made his debut on a Nintendo console just 2 hours after the final Nintendo Direct regarding Super Smash Bros Wii U. Here's what I've come up with so far.

Cloud controls a lot of horizontal space with his buster/ fusion sword. His movement speed is above average and the same can be said for his aerials, neutral combo, and tilts. Clouds smash and special attacks are fairly slow on start up but hit like a truck. He can kill at 80 % in most situations with ease. His limit breaks are a very interesting addition extremely powerful and very rewarding. Clouds limit breaks are powered up versions of his special moves and are like having 4 different power shots at your disposal but since it takes so long to build them up they can't be spammed. His animations are beautiful and fluid. The blue aura that surrounds him when his limit break gauge is full is probably his best effect and a reference to Advent Children.

His standard attacks are are set up utilities for his smash, special, and limit breaks. Neutral and forward air are surprisingly good for safely approaching. Down special is especially useful for covering your dodges. Blade beam is a solid mid range poking tool that follows the trajectory of the ground its fired on and the added knock back from the limit break version is great for catching foes from afar and off guard.

Clouds jumps are very narrow and his up special(climmhazard) may not always save you so it is very wise to save your limit breaks so you can use climmhazard to take the risk out of certain situations.

Cross cut is great for catching forward jumping foes and combo off of a down grab but seems to be character and % specific I. E. Normal size characters and 0-30%. The limit break version comes out all at once without having to input side special three to four times on hit.

Down special charges the limit gauge which is also charge by dealing and receiving damage. This move can be canceled with dodge and shield. I've found it best to charge limits while in the air falling to the ground. When the limit gauge is completely charged down special turns into finishing touch and is capable of killing characters such as pikachu at 50%.

Clouds addition to Super Smash Bros Wii U is a dream come true.If I were to place Cloud into a tier it would be mid to upper A already but my tiers in smash favor knock power much than the community at large. I'll continue to update this page as I make discoveries and come across techniques for maximizing his strengths.

Of all the video breakdowns of Cloud I thinks Zeros is the most comprehensive. One thing he doesn't really cover is that when the limit gauge is fully charged Cloud gets something close to a .5 increase to his grounds and his jumps become heavier. So aside from unleashing a devastating that can kill at low % you'll be to able to also throw your opponent fall with the added movement speed which makes having a full charge is Clouds best asset. Certain characters like Bowser won't easily die at low %s with that being said you'll have to adapt your strategy to quick strikes and combos to drive their % up.
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