Xbox One Elite Controller Review

Xbox One Elite Controller Review

Written by: SHO 6 0 on November 04, 2015.
The Xbox One Elite Controller was debuted at E3 early this year and was one of the high lights of the Microsoft press conference. The controller was well received and consider a must buy for most fans until they heard the 150.00 USD price point. The has finally released and burning question is if it is worth it.

I picked my elite up at the Microsoft store after missing GameStops reserve window. They were taking 20.00 dollars off the price with trade in of a Xbox One controller which was great deal especially if you traded one that didn't work because it's not like they'd check if it did.

If I could describe the Elite with one word it would be Premium. The first thing you'll noticed is the weight of the box. It's heavy at least 20lbs . Once the cover or lid is removed you'll find the carrying case with the controller enclosed with all its components. 3 sets of thumbs sticks, 2 d-pads, 4 paddles, 2 AA batteries and a high end USB cord. I didn't think the carrying case was necessary but it made sense to me the moment I saw the housings for the analog sticks, d-pad, and paddles which is attached to the case so you don't have to worry about miss placing them. The controller is pre set in the configuration seen on the box and is what I've used from start. The app to customize the settings for the elite is a nice touch. The settings are pretty straight forward but what blow me away was the trigger sensitivity which can be set from 0 to 100 plus the option to make either trigger into a hare trigger found on the back of the controller. Now for the real questions "Is the Xbox One Elite Controller worth it's price tag?" and "Does it give you an competitive advantage ?"

When I was first asked if the Elite give me an advantage my response was no. "The paddles on the back are just like the face buttons but in a different place." In truth I couldn't have been more wrong. I have only used the default settings and have only played Halo 5 with the Elite but the fact that I don't have to move my thumb from the right analog alone gives me a 2-3 second advantage on someone else who does. At first using the Elite was very jarring in Halo 5 because utilizing the new functionalities meant fighting more than a decade of muscle memory. It take about 3 days to get use to using the paddles to jump boost etc. and 5 days to become second nature. I've found it best to use both paddles and face buttons according to the situational context I.E.using the X button to pick up weapons and items and X paddle to reload. The paddles are more sensitive so sometimes you can press them to pick up a weapon and move only to notice that you didn't pick up anything but in the heat of combat the paddles are key. All of the buttons and triggers feel more responsive than the standard controller. Most will counter that it should for the price tag.

Without even truly scratching the surface of what the Xbox One Elite can do I can whole heartedly say it's worth its salt and price tag. This is the first time we've gotten something like this from a first party developer and I pray it is not the last. The stainless steel and matte black finish is beautiful and the rubber grips make the controller feel like butter in your hands. The magnetic locking system feels perfect. Both seamless and secure. A common knock on the Elite is that it should come with a play and charge kit for the price. I definitely understand where it comes from but disagree because those packs become useless once the battery dies like PS4 controllers. The biggest surprise about the Elite is its weight. With everything it has going on it still feels relatively the same as the 3.5 mm standard controller or maybe slightly heavier. Is the Elite a most buy? No you can enjoy any game the way you always have and theirs are some great controllers out for half the price but for anyone who wants to take their game to the next level the Elite is a most buy. The Xbox One Elite separates the boys from the me.

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