Destiny: Exotic Sword Theroy

Destiny: Exotic Sword Theroy

Written by: SHO 6 0 on September 17, 2015.
We got our first glimpse of the exotic swords during the Court of Oryx reveal stream a few weeks back. Upon completion of the main story missions in The Taken King and after you've reached level 40 you are given the Broken Will quest from Eris Morn. A certain crystal is used as the based and your are task with searching the Deadnought for hadium flakes. You'll need 25 in total and10 motes of light. There are a few videos on YouTube that will show you a easiest route to run to find them.

Here is where things get interesting. Once you return to Lord Shaxx and you will be given the option to select one of three swords the arc edge, sol edge, and void edge. Judging from their appearance and the story context my hypothesis is that they are the base form for each respective exotic sword.

The base damage of the legendary swords is 220 and the exotic has 310 I'd assume as the max. Now how do you go from a legendary 220 to a exotic 310 you may ask and in truth I do not know however i do theorize that the infuse perk on the legendary is key.

Infusing a legendary weapon requires a rare/ legendary weapon of the same type and similar damage rating, 250 glimmer, 10 weapon, 1 mote of light and 3 legendary. During the reveal stream Urk said that you have to earn them and the 3 legendary marks needed to infuse the swords isn't a easy task. I'm sure there more to it than just this but I think I've come across the first half of the process.

Legendary Mark Farming
The simplest method of farming legendary marks is to play both crucible and vanguard dailies which will give you 30 legendary marks a day. Dismantling any unwanted legendary will next 3-6 legendary mark and being diligent with your quest which does stack for multiple characters.
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