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How Bungie Has Directly And Indirectly Nerfed Bladedancers

Today we talk about a sub-class that used to rain supreme but now has been intentionally and unintentionally nerfed into obscurity. This article will cover a list of changes that have made to the Bladedancer sub-class since the games launch last year. We will also offer a few suggestions on what can be done to make the class relevant again. Read More

Cloud: Super Smash Bros. Wii U Impression Breakdown

Cloud controls a lot of horizontal space with his buster/ fusion sword. His movement speed is above average and the same can be said for his aerials, neutral combo, and tilts. Clouds smash and special attacks are fairly slow on start up but hit like a truck. He can kill at 80 % in most situations with ease. Read More

Killer Instinct: Shadow Jago

Shadow Jago is set to launch tomorrow Dec. 4, 2015. The secret boss will finally be playable for the first time and I'm actually a little excite because I don't have a character I like in K.I. Read More

Xbox One Elite Controller Review

If I could describe the Elite with one word it would be Premium. The first thing you'll noticed is the weight of the box. It's heavy at least 20lbs . Once the cover or lid is removed you'll find the carrying case with the controller enclosed with all its components. 3 sets of thumbs sticks, 2 d-pads, 4 paddles, 2 AA batteries and a high end USB cord. Read More

Becoming Top Tier: The Research

A few months ago I spoke on how the tools found in practice modes can be used to elevate your skills to the next level. You can only play the way you practice. Constantly reevaluating the skills you employ is a sure fire method of growth but there is more than one way to reach the mountain top. Read More

Exotic Engram Farming 2.0

A little more than a week ago Bungie introduced the Three of Coins rare item into Destiny's economy marking the greatest Xur day in history. For those who don't know the Three of Coins increases the odds of an exotic engram dropping from killing an Ultra tier enemy. Read More

Destiny: Exotic Sword Theroy

We got our first glimpse of the exotic swords during the Court of Oryx reveal stream a few weeks back. Upon completion of the main story missions in The Taken King and after you've reached level 40 you are given the Broken Will quest from Eris Morn. A certain crystal is used as the based and your are task with searching the Deadnought for hadium flakes. Read More

F2Talk - Metal Gear Solid V

Sho 6 0 and King DX talk about about Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Join us as we talk about our feelings on the game in a "mostly" spoiler free edition of First 2 Talk.

Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain 50/50 Tips and Review

MGS5 does so many things great the few issues it does have easily get over look. There were a couple of times when D-Horses dash didn't work and of course it had to be in the most tense of situations. Read More

Destiny Year 1 Exotics returning for Taken King

We have taken... a bit of time to look over the list of weapons that Bungie will be bringing back for the Taken King. Hit the link to see exactly what we found. Read More