Destiny Year 1 Exotics returning for Taken King

Destiny Year 1 Exotics returning for Taken King

Written by: King DX on August 24, 2015.
We have taken... a bit of time to look over the list of weapons that Bungie will be bringing back for the Taken King.
As of right now I will give the disclaimer that everything I am typing is speculation but it is based off of what I feel to be sound reasoning.

For those who don't have time to read, here is a helpful video.
First let’s talk about the weapons we know for a fact that will be coming back.


  • Suros - Revealed on stream
  • The Last Word - Revealed on stream (watch explanation in the video)
  • Red Death - Revealed on stream (watch explanation in the video)
  • Bad Juju - Revealed on stream (not physically showed but mentioned that there would be a lvl 40 version)


  • Invective - Revealed on stream (watch explanation in the video)


  • Thunderlord - Revealed on stream
  • Truth - Revealed on stream (watch explanation in the video)

Not Returning

  • Ice Breaker - (watch explanation in the video)
  • Gjallarhorn - Confirmed in weekly update
  • Universal Remote - (watch explanation in the video)
  • Super Good Advice - (watch explanation in the video)

Now the obvious question how did I come to these conclusions. Well if you look at the blueprints that DeeJ had during the reveal, you will notice that under year 1 primaries he had a blueprint for Last Word, Suros and Red Death. He also had blueprints for Thunderlord, Super Good Advice, Gjallarhorn, Truth, Ice Breaker, Invective and Universal remote. It was stated that if you have the blueprint for the year 1 version of the weapon then the year 2 counterpart would be unlocked. Based on this information we can assume that any weapon that DeeJ had a blueprint for that was not present under the year 2 blueprints will not be returning.

This means the following weapons are confirmed to not be coming back for year 2.

Gjallarhorn Ice Breaker Universal Remote

Now I am going to make a few assumptions for the big list you will see below but all of these are based on my findings. For starters lets look at how the weapons are divided into categories. Year 2 primaries are the only group that has two categories on the collection page. The top left from what I can tell contains older weapons that are coming over and the top right will contain Taken King and future DLC exotic primaries. Now we know based off of the list shown for year 1 primaries that there are a total of 11 primary exotics, not including Universal Remote and No Land Beyond. The year 2 list shows that a total of 10 primary weapons will be returning. So the question is which primary was given the axe. I believe the weapon that will not be returning is the Mida Multi Tool. If you look how the year 1 primaries are setup, you will realize that they are in alphabetical order based on weapon class. So year 1 exotic primaries are ordered in the following order.

  • Auto Rifles
  • Hand Cannons
  • Pulse Rifles
  • Scout Rifles
  • Fusion Rifle

Now obviously Fusion Rifles would be out of order in this list. I believe that this is currently a mistake in the ordering of the weapons for year 1 and fixed for year 2. As the game is still being worked on and the build they showed off may not have been the final build, this was more then likely something still being fixed or something that nobody at Bungie has caught yet. If the ordering is correct for year 2 then the list would be

  • Auto Rifles
  • Fusion Rifle
  • Hand Cannons
  • Pulse Rifles
  • Scout Rifles

The last weapon being showed in the year 2 list is Red Death (I’m gonna call it Black Plague) If the last weapon is in fact a Pulse Rifle then the scout rifles are missing and there is only 1 exotic Scout Rifle, Mida Multi Tool. So I believe the following list contains all exotic primaries that will be returning. It is a bit harder to figure out the special and heavy weapons. I can only assume the following based on the information given. We will either have 3 new exotic heavy weapons or 2. The number of new heavy weapons depends on if Dragons Breath will have a year 2 counterpart. Hope you found this helpful and please let me know if you agree or disagree with my findings.

Confirmed Primaries to be returning

Bad JuJu
Red Death
The Last Word

Speculation on the full list of primaries returning

Bad JuJu
Red Death
The Last Word
Hard Light
Monte Carlo
Vex Mythoclast

Speculation of primary not returning

Mida Multi Tool

Confirmed Special Weapons returning


Speculation of Special Weapon not returning

Ice Breaker
Universal Remote

Confirmed Heavy Weapons returning


Confirmed Heavy Weapons not returning


Speculation of Heavy Weapons not returning

Super Good Advice
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