Why KaneBlueRiver's defeat of Justin Wong is my favorite Evo moment

Why KaneBlueRiver's defeat of Justin Wong is my favorite Evo moment

Written by: King DX on July 19, 2015.
Saturday July 18th will be the day that I remember as hope for Marvel vs. Capcom 3. This is the day that Kane Blue River defeated Justin Wong to put himself one game away from top 8 in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

Hold on, your favorite memory is of Justin Wong losing? He's the peoples champ. Let me start off by saying I have no issue with Justin Wong whatsoever. His accolades for several years have earned him the title of greatest fighting game player ever. I'm sorry but the man is the best and you can disagree with that if you want. While he may be the best player around, I somewhat think he is what holds back a ton of players. His name holds great power in the fighting game world. Sitting next to him for a tournament match is going to make even the most hardcore players a bit nervous. People like him bring with them an aura, some may call it a "Wong Factor" and some may simply call it luck. No matter what you call it, it stops people from playing at their best. KBR not only overcame the Wong Factor but he created a much bigger fan base for himself at Evo 2015.

Kane is not just some random player off of the street. He is an extremely dedicated and passionate UMvC3 player. He has been around for some time now but has never really been able to take home gold in the bigger North American tournaments. He runs a team of Hulk, Mike Hagger and Sentinel, a team not really that great if you judge all of the characters separately. Kane's play style, confirms and sharp thinking is why I love watching this man fight. The toppling of Justin is what the game needed.

So why is this such a great moment for the game? Because the game has reached its mature phase. In a game ruled by Wolverine, Vergil, Zero, Doom and Morrigan, you can not help but be excited to see an underdog team come out on top. Guys like Justin have dominated the game for some time now and KBR's defeat over him may mean we start to see a new generation of legends being created in front of us. Kane sent a message to everyone with Justin's defeat. It wasn't the fact that he beat him, it was how he beat him.

Justin's team (Wolverine, Storm, Akuma) can rush you down and stop you from ever playing, while Kane's team is a slower but stronger team built specifically around punishing the rushdown. While Kane's team could be a target by a heavy projectile based team, the match up against rushdown is in his favor and he beat the best at it. While style match ups make good games, there are also moments that help set or break the pace. Kane taking a quick breather after the set was 2-2 was the smartest thing he could have done. Allowing himself to become mentally focused was crucial in making sure he could play at his optimal performance. Justin's face showed a sign of frustration as Kane gained his composure. Little by little we saw Kane chip at Justin's characters, with Storm seeming to give him the most trouble. When Kane finally took the set you could see the emotion in his eyes. This wasn't just another win. This was proof to Kane that he could beat any challenger.

If you didn't know, Kane is a training room monster and it showed after he defeated Justin. Right before his match with teammate Takumi we saw Kane pull off a pretty nice Firebrand combo while button checking. It's pretty obvious that he has been learning every character to make sure he knows all of the match ups. Kane vs Justin embodies the classic genius vs hard worker debate. Kane is a genius at hard work and it showed. Here's hoping that this year we see an Evo champion that truly strives to be the best. Perhaps a win by Kane will even impact the meta so late in the games life.
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