Extreme Tactics - Learning Your Fighter

Extreme Tactics - Learning Your Fighter

Written by: King DX on July 04, 2014.
Today we will cover how you can make your fighter as lethal as possible. The trick really isn't in knowing any secret moves but instead knowing your fighters strengths and weaknesses.

Let's take Anthony Pettis for an example. The first thing we want to do is find out his strengths and weaknesses. This can be done by doing an exhibition match and toggling your stats. The first information you will be given is your fighters reach and their fight style. To help give yourself a better chance at being successful on a competitive level, I recommend using fighters with similar styles that you can quickly become familiar with. Since the game really never allows you to pick the class you want to fight in, you will need to have a fighter ready for 5 different weight classes.

You will need a fighter in one of each.
  1. Heavyweight
  2. Middleweight or Light Heavyweight
  3. Lightweight or Welterweight
  4. Flyweight, Bantamweight(Male) or Featherweight
  5. Bantamweight(Female)

Once you have your fighters make sure that they have as many similarities as possible. I personally play with fighters who have strong Kick or Knees and Elbows. So my list consist of Jon Jones, Anthony Pettis, Cat Zingano, Fabricio Werdum and Jose Aldo.

Once you have your list of fighters its important to take a look at their abilities. Let's look at Pettis.

So Anthony has quite a few abilities. His first one being Vicious Kicks which allows him to deal extra damage. Bobble Head will give you an increased chance to stun your opponent. Opportunist will allow me to keep swinging with all my might once an opponent has been dazed. There are a ton more but I think you might get what I am pointing out here.

In a fight with Pettis I would use my kicks to stun my foe and then use my modifiers to put the opponent away when they are stunned. Knowing this information gives me a huge advantage over the normal player. You should learn all of your abilities for the fighters you wish to play and combos that take advantage of these as well. For Pettis I will always finish my combo with a strong kick to give that little edge that I need.

Next we have to talk weaknesses. Just like in life it will be hard to advance until you can acknowledge your flaws. Under stats I see that Anthony Pettis has only 72 in clinch control and has a 69 in clinch throws. This means that the clinch overall is not an advantageous position for him to be in. While his submission defense is good his overall ground game is a little above average and fighters with good ground passing like Jose Aldo may be able to end the fight there. This means against Jose Aldo I avoid the ground and trade standing up.

Learning these attributes for your fighters and their strengths and weaknesses will make you better. Being able to prepare yourself for how you should approach a fighter before the fight starts will always give you the tactical edge. So hold off jumping online for awhile and find those fighters and styles that you want to work with. Practice doing combos with each of these characters and learn their bad match ups. Even a bad match up can be overcome if you know why the match-up isn't in your favor.

Hope you guys found this helpful and stay tuned for more UFC coverage coming soon. Also keep an eye out for us to host an UFC tournament this coming August. If you have questions or have something you'd like to see us cover, leave it in the comments section below.
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