Extreme Tactics - Wesker's Teleport

Extreme Tactics - Wesker's Teleport

Written by: King DX on April 20, 2014.
We talked about it in one of our first ever articles on the site but we never backed it up with facts. So without further ado let's talk about my original MvC3 character Wesker. As you know by now Wesker has a teleport that is distance based and does not track the opponent. But did you know that distance is based off of 6 varying factors that you can control? Let's figure this out.

First let's start with Phantom Move L. The first image is with the glasses on and the second image is with the glasses off. The images after will be X-Factor levels 1 - 3 respectively.

With Wesker's glasses on he teleports further with XF1. His shortest distance is without XF turned on.

With Wesker's glasses off he travels further during his light teleport using any form of X-Factor. With his shortest distance coming from a teleport with no XF buff.

While wearing his shades Wesker travel's away from danger further without any help from XF. His medium Phantom Move is then shorter in distance in each level of XF. XF3 is about 1 character length shorter then a raw teleport, followed by XF2 and XF1 which both reduce his distance by about half a character length.

When the Dark Wesker rises without his shades who would think that he could run away so much quicker. His furthest distance backwards is when using XF3. The distances decrease in order of XF2, XF1 followed by a vanilla teleport. Notice how in XF3 his distance is dramatically increased. Keep this in mind should you ever feel the need to cancel a string into a safe distance. On incoming you can actually use his XF3 medium teleport from about mid-screen to change the side your opponent comes in on. The best part is not only do they come in on the wrong side but you end up behind them as well!

Wesker's heavy teleport actually travels the same distance raw through XF1 and XF2 (That is his position after XF2, he just happened to come out of it before I took a screengrab, sorry). XF3 is the only change in distance.

Wesker travels slightly further with is heavy teleport when his glasses are off and he is in XF2.

There are also changes that occur when Wesker's shades are broken but this aspect is so uncontrollable that it just isn't worth the work. For the most part it is very similar to his shades being on with the difference normally being less then a quarter of a character off. I do have the data and if there is a desperate need I could update the article.

Wesker even has a bug with his Phantom Move that happens after Cobra Strike in X-Factor level 3. If Wesker is in the corner and downs the opponent using Cobra Strike, canceling into Phantom Move L will not move Wesker behind the opponent. This can sometimes mess up your combo if you are relying on Wesker being in the corner rather than confirming his location first. This does not however interfere with Phantom Move H.

Be sure to keep your eyes locked to first2three.com for even more Extreme Tactics coming in the upcoming weeks.
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