Final Round 17, Gone But Not Forgotten

Final Round 17, Gone But Not Forgotten

Written by: King DX on March 24, 2014.
Final Round 17 has come and gone but we got a ton of action. From huge upsets, the announcement of Decapre, to allegations of cheating. FR17 was packed and we were there. Join us as we go over the experience and recap a ton of things you would never have seen on stream.


The night before FR17 a bunch of players made it into the Hilton Atlanta Airport. The spirit of the FGC was alive and well as total strangers opened their rooms to out of towners. One player by the name of Maxmiusprime even had to fight to keep his room with the hotel staff as word spread of his setups and hospitality. As we first arrived we decided to drop by the crowded room which featured some top Marvel players like Dapvip and Hi I'm Nasty. The trash talk was in full effect as we warmed up in preparations for the next days events.

(The sounds gets off track about half way through, I will reupload this video a bit later with part 2)

After a few matches with some of players and with hotel security, we decided to go grab a bite to eat from a local bar inside of the hotel. As we arrived we were greeted by non other then TooMuchDamage. As we made are way inside we were soon joined by Chris G, Yipes, Mike Ross, Combofiend, GoldenBoyNeo, Noel Brown, Ricky Ortiz and Mr. TeamSp00ky himself who I had the pleasure of speaking with. The mood was very calm and while talks of games were kept to a minimum, business and money seemed to be a main focal point of the conversations. Eventually alcohol became a factor and an impromptu FT15 was bet on between ChrisG and TooMuchDamage a bout in which even TooMuchDamage thought he would not prevail in. As the bar closed we decided to move on to another venue. There was no reason to stick around as we had already been treated to a show as one of the patrons displayed his kung-fu moves as he learned about the tournament. He even bought a few rounds of drinks in his inebriated state. I'm pretty sure his wife won't be too happy with the tab we helped make.

"Who did this? That's it you're out of here!"
We left the hotel on our way to another bar and as we decided on if we would walk or someone would drive, the bellhop(I don't know who he was) decided to crank up one of the hotels shuttles and take us in style. We arrive at Spondivits, a well know Seafood/Bar in Atlanta, GA or as Chris G put it "Spondivitis" as it made him sick the last time he visited. Our group suddenly became a tad bigger as we ran into ClarkKent, KBrad and Infiltration who were in attendance. We were seated in special section because of our party size but we quickly separated and mingled amongst the crowd. This is were I had a very thought provoking conversation with EG Ricky Ortiz, a conversation about fitness worthy of it's own article. Laughter and debates were underway about who would be sure fire bets for the following days and shot challenges were made and taken. It was simple to see that these were just normal people; laughing, drinking and having a good time. Yeah their hand eye coordination may be a bit OP but nobody can OCD 5 shots and keep things together. Myself in a moment of generosity even bought Noel a jager bomb and he then proceeded to knock it back and then slam it down.

Well in my state of mind I may not of noticed but he must've x-factor'd because he shattered the bottom of the glass. This would be the time when the bartender asked "Who did this? That's it you're out of here!" With a very speedy reply Maximusprime states "Look it's just ice" and places the broken glass into the cup, smooth sir very smooth. After a quick insult from Chris G about "why the fuck do you play (Nemesis)?" With my response basically being "I don't want to win" we retired for the night heading back to the Hilton via foot. Before we even make it half a block we see a lone FChamp ordering breakfast at McDonalds, a MCD's that doesn't take credit cards at night... SURE. Suddenly a wild Justin Wong appears, no seriously where did you come from Justin? That shit was creepy, now I know how his opponents must feel when he makes those amazing comebacks. After returning to the hotel we run a few more warmup matches and then I leave to get ready for the next day. Still this was one hell of a way to start things off.


Friday was a bit rough and hectic day for myself. While I have a serious commitment to this site and I am passionate about these games, I also have a wife and it was her birthday so sacrifices had to be made. This meant I could not spend the whole day at the venue but man did I see enough. I arrived early at the venue to pick up my badge and this bad ass Nemesis chain. Yeah Nemesis might suck balls but the chain doesn't. Thanks to the guys over at Dynamic Custom Beadworks for putting it together. I arrived at around 4 in the evening right the midst of the Curleh Mustache battle royal. I arrived in the middle of Team GA vs. Team NY and it was pretty obvious which team had the home field advantage. Team GA executed a great plan and some last minute Ironman comebacks by DapVip and a clutch from TooMuchDamge against Chris G with some two button tech sent the crowd into a frenzy and dropped jaws all over. Ultimately it came down to RayRay vs. RoachKing in which Ray was able to steal the victory from Team GA. Sadly I missed the TTT2 5vs5 tournament which featured very strong a prominent players like JDCR, PokChop and Inkognito.

Luckily Sp00ky has you covered on the action that I myself missed.

"Rock, Rock, Rocket Skates"


Saturday consisted of Noon pools for myself. I was placed in a pool that could have been a Top 32 at any major. My pool contained Honzo Gonzo, Static Alpha, DapVip and the very talented Kresent. Please dont let the omissions of any names fool you, there were no freebies in this pool. It was a battle and just making it out in losers itself would have been a challenge. I got a bit of time to warmup thanks to Vidness who allowed me to run a few matches on his setup(Thanks Rick!). With a fresh sense of awareness I headed to my pool for my first match against Static Alpha. Static Alpha is a Viper, Rocket Racoon, Strider player who had a great showing at KiT 14. Before the tournament I took a bit of time to study the playstyle of all the people in my pool and his was by far the most unique. Going in my main objective was to kill RR. My reason for this simply being that my team has a very hard time killing him because of his small size.

The first match started as expected with a quick aerial dash towards Nemesis assisted by RR spitfire assist. This is really tricky because the RR assist does not leave a lot of block stun so you can easily become free to a grab. The time it comes out also allows Viper to use her focus by forcing you to believe you are still in block stun. Luckily I was able to kill Viper very quickly and after losing Nemesis and Super Skrull to RR (damn you Racoon!) I was able to win one of my best Wesker comebacks ever. If you have ever played me and seen my XF lvl 4 Wesker when I was fully in the zone, you know that I went in. The second game was a pretty quick clean up although it was obvious that Static Alpha had a few supporters on his end.I don't think anybody wanted me or expected me to pull this match out. The best part was hearing people comment on my Nemesis which was pretty cool to hear. Nothing worst than losing to a low tier character I always say. Games 3 and 4 are where things went down hill. I magically tapped into a no grab tech zone and found myself getting constantly grabbed out of everything I tried. This would become a theme for the rest of my set. Finally its game 5 and both Wesker and RR are the only people remaining. No XFactor for either of us and both of our health is low enough that anything could happen off of one clean hit. After finishing a combo that wouldn't kill early, I decided to save my meter and allow RR to wakeup off of a knockdown. RR recovers and sits right in front of Wesker, after a brief stand off I decide to go for a command grab. My command grab fails and all I see is Wesker's hand over RR's head. WTF!? The last words I hear are "Rock, Rock, Rocket Skates" as I lose my first match of the day.

My second match in losers was against a very talented Spiderman player. It's really weird because every tournament I lose to a Spiderman player. At Evo 13 it was a Nocal player by the name of Wings. I could not let that happen again. For the most part I am a guy who tries to learn from his mistakes. Yeah I may not have learned my listen of dropping Nemesis for a good character but hey I'm still growing. The match starts off with me being clapped by a spider sting, SHIT is what I immediately thought; thinking back on my matches at Evo 13 with Wings which started off the exact same way. I wasn't letting this be a recurring theme in my tournament run. I was able to get focused and made killing Spiderman at all cost a top priority. Every time Spiderman dropped I was able to relax and play my game. I took the set 3-1 curse broken and ready for the next killer I would face. Well that Killer was non other than Honzo Gonzo the inventor of the 2 button tech. Sent to losers after a very close set with DapVip, I knew I would be in for some trouble. First off let me state that I have no reason why more people do not play TaskMaster. I mean the guy has huge health, does great damage and basically is the only character in the game with a good counter hyper. So anyway back to the match. Nemesis got fucking wrecked. There is no sugar coating it, I got man handled. In neutral I got option selected and locked down by ColdStar assist. I tried to put up a fight but I honestly had beaten myself before the match even started. An upset is always possible and I never doubt myself but I was outclassed. Nemesis with his 1.15 million health was dying before I could even blink. Which left SuperSkrull coming into a Doom Ammy setup that I just wasn't getting away from. Honzo may be a shit talker online but I think he does it all in good fun and he seemed to be a respectable guy. I lost 3-0 almost squeezing out a lucky win once but hey things don't always go your way. Eliminated I stuck around a bit finding other players from my local scene and attempting to encourage them in their own battles. I found myself jumping from pool to pool as the hours past leading to top 64.

If you have never been to a major there is something you should know. The FGC loves to bet. Now maybe the FGC doesn't bet as much as the Madden players but money is still abundant. Without going into a bunch of details I will say Champ once again cost me a bunch of money after he lost to Full Schedule. I mean seriously Champ you're a good guy but I am no longer betting on you, I know bad luck when I see it. Once again another night ended and exhausted I headed home for some much needed sleep.


Everything is on the line as the finals are being held. The venue is packed and the lights are dim. Onlookers are eerily quite and semi hyped at the same time. Some looked as though they had a pretty rough night before waking up to see the last few bouts of the tournament. There was some excitement in the air as Capcom's Combofiend took the stage to show the 5th character to Ultra Street Fighter IV know as Decapre. Fans didn't seemed to be that pleased once she was revealed as one spectator told me "Their so lazy, its just a fucking reskinned Cammy, she even has her moves." Ouch. Well I myself decided to wait to pass judgement until I got my hands on her.

FullSchedule vs FChamp runback. So who would have thought that we would get a rematch so soon. FullSchedule was however not using his own stick. The rumors are currently that Champ had deemed the stick to be cheating and thus the TO's told FS that he couldn't use the stick. What shocks me about this is the fact that he presented his stick to the TO's before hand and was given the go ahead to run it. Now all of a sudden its banned? Regardless to if the ruling to ban it was legit or not, you don't just change rules mid tournament. This is an issue I had with Evo 13 last year as early Marvel pools were 2 out of 3 and suddenly every pool afterwards was 3 out of 5. These are the type of situations that I call shenanigans on. Now let me be clear this is ALL speculation and I do not know 100% for sure how the series of events played out. I will be reaching out to FullSchedule however to get his take on what happened.

Their first match above.

What I will personally say is the FS configuration should IMHO be banned. Now I have read the argument that pad players can input 2 different directions via the analong and d-pad but that argument isn't fair. The main issue here is that you still have to use 2 different inputs to get two different directions. So I personally feel that unless the game allows the mapping of those button combinations to one button then it should be banned. And no I don't care how many SF players have a select button bind, that should be banned as well. In the runback Champ won 3-1 eliminating FS from the tournament. Ultimately it came down to PR Rog and Chris G. Chris G who was in losers needed to reset the bracket and 6-0 PR Rog to take tournament.

In Street Fighter we had PR Rog once again battling it out with Infiltration to make it into Grand Finals. Rog takes it over Infiltration's Akuma and makes it into Grand Finals to face off against Ryan Hart. Rog resets the bracket by taking it to Ryan Hart 3-0 and Ryan adjust to take the tournament in the last set 3-0 over PR Rog.

JDCR and Negro Piripicho battled it out 3 times as Negro Piripicho sends JDCR to losers out of Winners finals only to have JDCR reset the bracket against Negro Piripicho in Grand Finals and take the trophy.

In closing FRXVII was a great experience and for the most part ran without a hitch. The volunteers did a wonderful job and the FGC showed it can get along and have a good time while still being in a very competitive atmosphere. I few things that I hope to see approved on is the room arrangements. It makes no sense that people are getting their rooms under the same discount but randomly scattered throughout the hotel only to receive complaints from other guests. It would make sense that we were all grouped together but I guess that must somehow be difficult for the hotel to figure out. Lastly I would like to be able to see the actual bracket ASAP and not just the list of people in my pool. Yes I understand that there are still walk-ins but I'd like to be as prepared as possible as early as possible... if at all possible. Is that possible?

Stay tune as I will be covering a health write up courtesy of Ricky Ortiz and following up to get the full scope of the button binding issue that happened with FullSchedule.
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